Online Decode Encode Tools

I am thrilled to offer you a comprehensive set of decoding and encoding tools to simplify your data manipulation tasks. Whether you're working with URLs, Base64 strings, or other formats, our tools will help you effortlessly decode and encode your data.

URL Decoder/Encoder: Our URL Decoder/Encoder tool allows you to convert URLs between their encoded and decoded formats. If you have a URL with special characters or percent-encoded elements, our URL Decoder will transform it into its readable form. On the other hand, our URL Encoder will encode any special characters in the URL to ensure its proper transmission and compatibility across different systems.

Base64 Decoder/Encoder: Base64 encoding is commonly used for encoding binary data in a text format. With our Base64 Decoder/Encoder tool, you can easily decode Base64 strings into their original binary representation or encode your data into Base64 format for safe transmission or storage. It's a quick and efficient way to work with Base64-encoded data.

JWT Decoder/Encoder: JSON Web Tokens are compact, URL-safe tokens used for securely transmitting information between parties. They consist of three parts: the header, the payload, and the signature. Our tool specifically focuses on decoding and extracting the contents of the header and payload. By decoding JWTs, you gain valuable insights into the token‘s contents, which can be useful for debugging, troubleshooting, or simply understanding the data being transmitted. You may uncover details such as the token issuer, expiration time, user roles, or any custom claims embedded within the payload.

JSON (JavaScript Object Notation) is a widely used data format for storing and exchanging structured data. However, JSON strings can often be lengthy, compact, and challenging to read. With our JSON Formatting Tool, you can transform those complex JSON strings into well-indented, human-readable formats with just a few clicks.

I hope that our collection of decoding and encoding tools will assist you in your data manipulation endeavors. Feel free to utilize these tools and simplify your workflow. If you have any questions or suggestions, please don't hesitate to reach out. Happy decoding and encoding!

Santosh Karanam